Assignment #2

It demonstrates the ways in which we give off about ourselves, in photos and emails and MySpace pages and all the rest of it, has dramatically increased our social visibility and made it easier for us to find each other but also to be scrutinized in public.   (p. 11-12)

The predicament that Sasha found herself in was that after taking pictures of herself with Ivana’s camera, she unknowingly allowed them to be transferred to Ivana’s new phone and in turn for Evan to put them all over the internet to be found by other people. Sasha should have realized in such a technology foreword world that anything she did and sent to other people who be found by someone who could possibly have found it and somehow figured out it was from a phone that did not belong to her. I think that the quote definitely shows how technology can both be a blessing and a curse because people can either enjoy them or find out information that you may not want them to know about you.

 I am not too concerned about my privacy in a Web 2.0 world. I am aware of the fact that everything I upload or write on the web can be found by anyone. So I feel like as long as I keep track of what I do on the internet I will be able to control what other people see. Another way I can be more careful is to make sure that I use websites that I know are secure. I have been using the internet my whole life and feel like I know what is appropriate to write and display and what is not.

Something I found online was about making sure that social networks try to prevent there from being sexual predators on them. One way this is done is by age verification and also by DOPA (Deleting Online Predators Act). I think that this is relevant to the quote in a way because if younger kids, or anyone for that matter, are putting up information or photos of themselves onto public websites, there is no knowing who is going to see it. This could potentially be dangerous.

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