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Chapter 8 Free- Question 3

by soucy_bric on Apr.12, 2010, under Uncategorized

When discussing music and books in Chapter 8, Anderson stated some general points:

-MUSIC: every market outside of labels is growing, especially concerts as result of free music getting around

                -some bands make 90%, like Rolling Stones, of profit from tickets

                -concerts have memorable experiences- have no limit to them

-Books: physical form is still in existence

-Books and Music: preferred form is still atoms, not bits -> still have portability, the demand for digital is growing fast -> can get instantaneously

                -most based on freemium, well-formatted pdf -> make max # sample so some will buy

                -still have doubts: “enemy of the author is not piracy, but scarcity” -> as long as they want books in atom form, will continue to pay for them

Question: In what ways has the combination of digital books and digital music on one device (the iPad) changed the game of Anderson’s comments?  Or has it? 

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  1. Justin

    The combination of digital books and digital music on one device will make it easier for producers to sell bits rather than atoms. The more comfortable people get with using the new technologies like the iPad and the Kindle, the easier it will be for publishing companies to sell the bits version of their books. The selling of music in the form of bits has become widespread over the last ten years with downloading from iTunes. I think we will soon see the spread of the selling the bits version of books in the coming years. The only thing that is stopping the movement to bits versions of books right now is that people are used to the traditional paper books. We are living in a time where change happens very quickly and I think that we will see how easy it will become to read books using the iPad and the Kindle. Soon people will see more advantages of reading with digital devices and paper book sales will drop significantly.

  2. zappull_jose

    I would disagree that the introduction of these combination devices such as the iPad has changed the game concerning Anderson’s comments, for now. Like Anderson suggests, I believe that books will soon become mostly a bits business. There are multiple versions of electronic book readers on the market, most of which have been introduced within the past couple of years. I have many friends who use these as, like with music CD’s, it is much more convenient than having a library full of books taking up space in your home. One thing that I worry about is what will happen if, like with music, illegal downloading becomes prominent in the eBook community. Authors must think of different ways to get revenue, maybe from book signings or maybe from selling their books rights to a producer and making movies out of it; something that has become increasingly popular in the movie industry.

  3. spinell_kath

    I actually did a term paper for another class this semester about how the introduction of devices like the iPad and the Kindle will impact the book industry. A lot of research is being done right now to see how this new technology is going to affect how we read, and experts are saying that the transition from book to e-book isn’t going to be the same as record to CD to mp3, because of the social implications and ties we have with books and reading. One of the major reasons is that e-books are very difficult to share, unlike physical books which can easily be checked out from the library or passed along to friends. With the technology we have now, tasks like these are more difficult, making reading a more solitary activity. Even if we download mp3s to listen to on our iPods, people still go to concerts to enjoy music with friends and other fans. Also, studies have shown that people’s comprehension and attention span go down when reading from an electronic book compared to a physical text. I think that devices like the Kindle will gain popularity in the future, but I doubt that it will ever completely dominate the book market.

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